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"I wish to bring you moments of happiness, love and peace, to pour an instant joy capsule into your day, right here, right now. I truly hope you’ll find the ointment you need, be it a course, a painting, a healing session, my voice or something from my blog that helps you connect with yourself on a deeper level."

With love, Henriett


Art Without Barriers

Henriett’s art is appearing in various forms of existence. It represents paintings, objects, handmade clothes and jewellery, sound, yoga and mindfulness practices – all the forms of physical expression that she is able to embrace. All handmade, all unique, each of them a glance of eternity, the artist being just the filter of creation, originating from the united light (consciousness) that we all carry in our hearts. The creative process fills her life with joy, and when ready, she hopes the works fill your heart with the same. 


ART and more…

“My purpose is to bring a smile to your face and lighten up your heart through beauty, colour and forms.”

oil painting, bliss, happiness, art, canvas


Colours have a deep emotional effect on our psyche, whether we are aware of it or not. A healing effect, used frequently in art therapy. It makes people’s emotions heal just by playing with colours, without having to know the whole neuroscientific background of it all. However, colours also can have a long term effect on us by influencing our mood, and help our healing process when we regularly connect with the artworks. I highlighted those effects in the descriptions. If you feel touched by a story or an image, I hope it will start a process that helps you heal, wherever you are in your life right now.


ART ON YOU – jewellery & clothing

Crystals are the gifts of nature, balancing us, healing us with their vibrations, simply by being close to us, by attuning to their resonance. I have been using them for decades to strengthen, balance and heal myself. The easiest way is to carry them on our bodies as jewellery. Their beauty is just a plus. I have written the effect of the stones into the description of each jewellery. Enjoy and choose the one you need the most!

How did silk become part of my creations? Of course, it all began by not finding the wedding dress I envisioned. I wanted a shiny, elegant, simple, but still somewhat different dress. It seemed impossible to find it, so I decided to make it myself – to saw it by hand, just like our ancestors did a long time ago. It was an important inner process for me, preparing my soul for the journey to come. Silk is simple, elegant and noble. The natural inner layer makes sure it is not see-through. As a plus, it feels super comfy, although they radiate elegance towards the outside. I hope you’ll feel magical wearing them!

mindfulness, courses, yoga, healing, burnout, art therapy, coaching

Courses to HEAL

Going through a difficult childhood brought a natural interest for exploring all kinds of therapies in the past 15 years. In spite of all that, I got into a deep, years long burnout, which finally made me ready for a core deep change in my life. This whole, decade-long process helped me understand a lot about our psyche, emotions and body. Most importantly, how they interact with each other, and how we can use this connection for a wholesome balance in life. I selected here some main topics that are crucial parts to include in any healing plan. How deep you need to go in the process is widely individual, depending on your decision and needs.

I hope you find some tools or tips that help you on your journey towards Yourself. May this journey be blessed!



Always a big fan of nature, I realized how important it is to use nature’s power through the healing effect of natural food, natural clothing and mineral stones. It contributes a little to our everyday life by allowing the energy to flow easily, in harmony. Art and creativity have been my safe haven ever since I was a kid, and I wanted to share this sacred space with you, too. With this purpose, HenriEntti has been founded in 2018.

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Raise your vibe!

How can a piece of art help us? Every time we look at it, we might discover something new that has been hidden before. The colours and shapes have a deep emotional effect on us. If you feel connected to an artwork, it can help you sync with a vibration that helps you heal on the long term.

I wrote the healing effects of colours and minerals in the description of the pieces. You can also find their price there. For now, you can contact me via email, and we can settle the purchase in person or via bank transfer. In case you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me on info@henrientti.com. Happy to hear from you!

For the time being, you can check out my works on

oil on wood, painting, sea, dolphins, bliss, happiness, freedom, beauty, green, blue, white, Aquarian age

“It’s beautiful to create things, but the biggest art of all is how we live our lives.”

Check out my blog!

The purpose of this blog is to offer an overview about anything you might need, when you’ve landed in a burn-out. I plan to make videos and online courses that contribute to the subject, and you’ll find some basic tips for what to pay attention to if you find yourself close to a burn-out, or you’re already suffering from its consequences. Probably some of it you already know, however, seeing it as a complete, structured guide can be helpful for the mind in processing it all, and applying the individual elements into your daily life. Also, we might get to know each other better, as I am always happy to hear from you, as well. If you have questions or concerns that I haven’t included into my blog yet, but are important for you to understand your own process completely, please let me know. This way, we’re helping each other, and also those who might come after you in this process. I hope you enjoy the journey, and you find some tips that help you heal.


Recovering from burnout can be a process that involves several methods and takes lots of effort and patience. Every one of us is unique, so it is up to you[…]

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I hear from more and more people that they’re close to a burn-out, or they’re already suffering from it. However, a burn-out is not an existing psychological diagnosis, and we[…]

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ABOUT – the story

Embrace the unlimited possibilities and the calling of your soul!

Every challenge comes for a reason
I believe that everything comes for a reason in our life, whether we know it or not. We’re met with a choice then: suffer or do something about it. My life shows quite an all or nothing tendency, meaning, when something’s stuck, I’d rather pack all the old stuff together, clear it out, and throw it out to the bin, to start with a clean slate. It’s a lot of work, I admit. But if you look back to the difficult and emotionally challenging circumstances I came from, and where I am now, you can say with certainty: it was all worth it. In a nutshell, I’ve acquired 4 university degrees, and I’m hardly using any of them, I’ve learned 10 languages, and I’m only using 3 of them, and I’ve experienced countless therapy methods, only to finally stick with two (art therapy and psychotherapy, and the big 3rd: yoga), which helped me be who I am now: a healthy, happy and free human being.

Back in 2012 I had a huge emotional breakdown, which led me to leave my country behind, and go discover the world as far as I could. I have been living in France, Austria, Mexico, Greece, and settled down for a longer period in the Netherlands with my Dutch husband. Lately it has been my 4-year-long burnout, which taught me to love myself like never before, in fact like no one was able to love themselves during long generations in our family. I’ve learned from therapists what others learn from their parents, with all the pain that comes with recognizing what I’ve missed so far, and how much I’ve suffered for the past 4 decades, without even being conscious of it. It’s all in the past now, all that matters is how grateful I am for my therapists and healers, so that I am able to allow myself to be free, to be happy and take all the rest my body and mind needs to heal. And they need a lot, so I give them a lot. And I suggest everyone try it for a while, it is more challenging than it sounds! Knowing that joy is a key element of manifesting what we envision for ourselves, I’m being a good girl now, providing my inner child with as much joy, care and protection as I possibly can. (You can read further in the blog about tools and methods.)

So what are those dreams that I want to manifest, after all?

I’ve always been a big dreamer. But a dreamer is not what I want to be. I’d like to create those things I hold sacred, bring them to the world, and let them be seen. As a child, I’ve always dreamed of being a marine biologist, later dreamed of creating a huge art therapy centre, where everyone can play like children, providing our souls with a little bit of freedom and joy. When I’ve been confronted with how little I can take upon myself, and how much energy it takes to heal, those dreams received a somewhat different form. I dream about building online content to help others, and personally help those few who feel the need. I dream about travelling all around the world to bring beauty and understanding through vlogs or other channels to those who want it. I still dream about learning scuba diving and continuing my creative endeavours, whatever form they may take in the future.
And finally, I dream about a conscious and responsible world, where we all live in freedom, equality, and share values based on love and compassion towards each other. And I’m aiming to help that process of transition with my life. How? That’s the mystery of life… And it sure will be a journey! I’m looking forward to the first steps that I’m already seeing unfold from the haze.