Each painting has a story behind, a creation process, a transformation I went through while creating it. By reading the words that you can recognize yourself in, by connecting to the vibration that the painting and the words are transmitting, can be deeply healing for the soul. The recognition itself heals us, and helps advance on our path, knowing that we are not alone any more. These connections are extremely important in raising our consciousness levels, for it is a process that we can only go through alone within, however, we are never alone on this journey, and we are meant to do it together. It is so important to know that, to feel that – that is why I am sharing my stories with you, so that they may lighten up your heart and lift your spirit, if you allow them to.

Maybe my story is linked to yours. Try to choose intuitively, so that the message that you need most right now might come to you. Enjoy the journey!


Do you remember the moments in your life when you were absolutely happy? Sometimes even without a reason. Do you recall how it felt? This year has been one of the most difficult years of my life, but it had some highlights, too. In one of these blissful moments, I decided to finish this painting, so that this state could be preserved forever. I hope it brings you back some memories from your own happy times, and takes you to a moment of bliss in the NOW.


It has been a rough process going through my long series of my childhood traumas and relive those moments again with all their pain. However, sometimes, when the clouds lifted, I felt a certain unknown kind of lightness, a certain joy of leaving all that behind and JUST ACCEPT IT. I have started this painting 7 years ago, and have painted it over 3 times, yet it still maintains some of the original forms and colours. It shows the inner process of the fight between fire and water in me (= my passion and my emotions), till I became aware of the clouds above me (= my behavioural patterns and thoughts that prevent me from living a happy and balanced life). As I processed those, they received a colour, a certain understanding opening up my feelings, as well as a sort of self-love that I didn’t know before, and this allowed to let in some of the love that has long been surrounding me. This is how the sun rays appeared on the painting, slowly starting to melt up all that ice, that was blocking me from Light and my soul from being free. (= see the bubble rolling on the right bottom? It is willing to fly!) Do you feel what I’m saying?


In the ancient times, drumming was mostly used for healing purposes. They’ve connected to Spirit and asked for help to heal the ills. About 5-6000 years ago the drummers were traditionally women, mostly wise women possessing various healing capacities. Their purpose was to communicate between the worlds (visible and invisible) and channel the healing to those in need. They worked in groups, knowing the power and strength of community and supporting each other firmly, but with compassion. Feminine leaders believed in horizontal systems and equality, the leader was one of the circle herself, and every single person of the community offered his/her strength for the good of the whole. This is why drumming in my life represents joy, focus and the connection to the divine.


Containing the promise of a new life, buds are the strongest, most condensed part in a plant’s life. Reflecting the endless energy of children, buds also contain all the possibilities a plant can become. And with that breakthrough-energy of a fresh life, just as a sprout breaks through the soil to reach nurturing sunlight, buds remain the eternal symbol of fertility and blossoming.

They also pop the question to us – how fast are we opening up towards others, is that opening sudden, or do we contemplate much before a definite decision of trust. Also, do we prefer giving things a fair amount of time, opening up small by small, until we dare to show our true selves to another?


Have you thought about that beautiful and pure energy that a new life brings into this world? The fresh scent of flowers, angelic innocence and pure love growing into another mystery of life. Are we predestined somehow, or is the power of our free will stronger than anything in this physical reality? The answer is already there – hidden: where life starts, isn’t there the most clarity ever? Maybe an embryo in unity with mother and Universe, being just a pure drop of starlight, can embrace the essence of it all way better, than us, humans, before the veil of our limited existence – the way we often perceive it – falls upon our eyes.

Inherited most of our talents and limitations from our ancestors, our hearts are often not taught what is necessary for us to trust our own capabilities, see our own light. Often, our minds are not being able to capture the reality of our unlimited possibilities, and our mighty power of manifestation.


The key to this painting is looking at it from two sides. One side reveals the mountains in the background, and the other hides them, as if a thick fog had been fallen down on them. Often, looking at things from the other person’s perspective is the key of seeing those happenings for what they truly are. Watching them from another angle might reveal what lies in the background and show us a wider understanding about the whole picture.


If you meditate regularly, you probably know the feeling of a deep, complete wholeness and peaceful serenity, a feeling that everything is good the way it is. You might have felt light flooding in and filling you up with a calm happiness that you may not have experienced before. In those moments, you are connected to the purest Source of energy, one that is there for all of us who pursue any spiritual practice in order to nurture our souls. Source contains all the existing qualities of this world, and I dare say – of higher realms, which makes it possible for us to find back the purest qualities of masculine and feminine, and all other aspects and archetypes that we need in this life to grow. (If you wonder what those are, you can learn more about them in the P(i)eace of Mind) course.


This painting refers to nature‘s awakening in spring. It symbolizes the freshness of ideas, and our ability to create, to manifest things and ideas – with the help of our Shakti (feminine creative power). In this world, anything you give a physical form to, anything you create, is your spiritual “child”. Our Shakti is connected to our 2nd chakra, the Sacral Chakra, and as any creativity, it is equally bound to our sexual energies. A way of transforming this energy is to express it through the creation of something, giving a physical form to an idea, bringing it to life. It can be a painting, a song, a poem, an organization – anything you bring to this world. Whether we experience this creative energy on a physical, emotional or spiritual level (or all 3 of them at the same time), is entirely up to us and the present moment, forming a whole in our existence. There’s no good or bad, all is part of our human experience.


Have you been feeling down or lonely lately? Have you tried ways to connect to your soul again to soothe your yearning for unity? Activities like painting, dancing, singing, writing, playing an instrument, meditating, journaling, walking in nature can all contribute to the treasured unity with yourself. Once you have cherished the nurturing connection to your soul, you’ll feel at peace, and you’ll continue to feel so, as long as this connection is unbroken. Sometimes, when some old pain is emerging on the surface, we might want to cut this connection off and hide away, distract ourselves from our pain with the outside world. It is okay to get some breathing space sometimes. But promise yourself not to disconnect for too long, to prevent your inner child feeling lonely and abandoned. You’ll see, after facing your pain you’ll arrive to that blessed unity again, feeling whole – even if it means to be present with your pain for a little while. A small sacrifice for a long, happy and blissful existence. As long as you do the work, all will be well.


Did you know that free dance produces serotonin, a happiness hormone? It is the only empirically proven way of art therapy that is able to bring out depressed patients of their mental state and maintain a positive balance in their life on the long term. But even if you don’t have similar problems, who wouldn’t need some cheerful joy sometimes? It helps a lot to dance freely for some music or tribal drums when in a stagnant mental state, low mood, or simply in need of a change of dynamics. Allow your happiness hormones to do the work, all you need to do is get up and dance!

If you feel you’re too shy to start, you can close the window shutters, or close your eyes and just try to feel the rhythm, until the rhythm starts to move you from your inner space, intuitively. And if it doesn’t move you, it’s just as fine! You’ve already merged with your inner Sanctuary by going inside and being with the music! Appreciate every small step. And you’ll see, focusing inwards has its benefits, but it’s really the movement that sets you free and boosts your inner creative healing juices, making them flow throughout your body and brain! Jump into your wild feminine and enjoy the ride!


Do you see the Waterfall in this painting? Often, we need to read between lines, and understand the invisible. It is a rather challenging process for most of us, and we all have our own path. Maybe this process works for you instinctually, or you may need some inner quiet to hear what your inner voice or spirit guides are trying to tell us through their unlimited wisdom, from beyond this realm. Either way, this card calls you to seek the inner quiet, where you find peace, serenity, and where your soul can take “five”. So what is it that you see in the background of this painting? Maybe it’s just a window, or an opening to your garden, or something completely else. Either way, you might ask yourself: is there a place of serenity to withdraw yourself to? You might now be called to look for one, or go to a quiet, peaceful holiday by yourself. Your me-time might take various forms, be it a yoga lesson, chilling in nature or playing an instrument, just go for it and embrace your unlimited possibilities to seek inner silence.


This painting is symbolizing our “womb” energy, what the Veda’s call Shakti, and it is not only for women. We all have the power of creation. This card is about your connection to the universal wisdom.  Always knowing in the back of our minds that we are purely the observers, we are not these thoughts or emotions, while allowing the whole experience through us without any blockages, and staying with that feeling for a little while, until we receive understanding to learn from it. This is sometimes a very dualistic experience, as we live in this dense physical reality, which is connected to the Divine at the same time. And we are truly Both, more one than the other, depending on where you are on your spiritual path right now. The key is, surprisingly, to find this connection back to unity, embracing both of them fully, while living among the challenges of the dualistic nature of our existence. The more we practice, the better we are at it, and maybe one day we find ourselves looking back at the past, noticing that we have spent most of our days in unity, in spite of all the challenges. If we are willing to do the work, it definitely gets easier with time.


Imagine a pod of dolphins swimming freely through the ocean, enjoying the journey and each other’s company. Their freedom comes from a natural, instinctual place, all they have to do is follow it and just be. Freedom might be scary for many of us, as it can easily turn into chaos, if we are not aware of our own limitations and real goals. This painting is reminding you to trust your connection better, and let your journey towards your most precious dream unfold the way it wants to. Remember, by desperately trying to control the uncontrollable, we tend to dry out our wells of abundance and stop the natural juices of life from flowing. If you have been hurt before, building back trust is a long and strenuous task, but by perseverance, endurance and lots of self-love, it can bring real treasures to your life, which you may have been longing for decades. Just keep your eye on the goal, honour your daily practices, and trust in Divine timing. Your efforts will be abundantly honoured by the universe.


Can you look at the world with the curiosity and pureness of a child? 

Do you love yourself unconditionally, so that with time you can look at the world and all others around you with the same purity and all embracing love?

If life has been rough on you at any time of your life, and made you question your own worth, remember that you are as a precious and valuable human being as all the others on the surface of this home, called Earth. See this with your heart, and you’ll heal the world with your every breath. Without biases and prejudices, we’ll be able to embrace the freedom we deserve. The freedom that we were born to create and experience all around us. Allow yourself to be loved and lifted by the universe. Manifest your dreams for the wellbeing of yourself and all of us.